On this journey as independent soul artists, there are so many people that help us along the way.   It would be impossible to create the music, and at the same time single-handedly promote to everyone.  Luckily there are people that are just as passionate as we are to help spread the word.  One website in particular is Soulbounce.com.  I visit pretty much everyday and get a healthy dose of all things soul.  When they approached me to be on their Men Love Mary Tribute Album, I was amped.  Not only do I love Mary, but they involved so many heavy hitters in Indie Soul that I was honored to be included amongst them.  I am not really one to do a straight ahead cover and I was fortunate enough to have a stellar group of musicians set the backdrop.  Big up to the fellas for driving all the way from BK, cramming a drumkit into my shoebox of a studio, and putting it DOWN!  On drums Les Cleveland, bass David ‘DJ’ Ginyard, and keyboards Corey Bernhard.  Enjoy.


I encourage you to go to Soulbounce.com and download this incredible FREE ALBUM as well as check out their great coverage.  I am sure you will be hooked.  Here is my version — Happy (2BA Live Mix).

P.S. The live show just took place at S.O.B.’s in NYC.  I hope to get some video up in a minute.  There were a few surprises, but I’ll let the video speak to that.  🙂