In just about every interview I have ever had, I have been asked how I started in this biz.  I always say that I started as a dancer and an MC. —– But I don’t think ya’ll understand —– I am a HIP-HOP HEAD. I am the cat that makes ugly faces and will break his neck when the beat is bangin’.  I am still mad tapes went away because there’s nothing like rewinding a hot line  – something about hearing it spun backwards is like being in the club with the DJ and the……  I digress.

So in order to give you further incite into my mind I have to pay homeage to songs that I love.  I will of course hit you with the regulars Tribe, Kane, etc… but I want to start with some of the unsung heros of the game.  First up  — Main Source — Fronted by my man Large Professor or Extra P.  This song is just crazy.  To this day when it comes on I lose it.  Large Professor, was not only ridiculous on the rhymes, he also produced some of my favorite joints like “Halftime,” and “It Ain’t Hard To Tell,” for Nas, as well as tons of remixes.