While recording my album, my favorite pastime was watching Adult Swim.  I love Japanese Anime and whoever programs for that network has a sick sense of humor very similar to my own.  The line up repeats itself so I had it on as background noise until 4am most mornings.

When the album was completed I somehow found my way down the slippery slopes of loathsome reality television.  I had the guilty pleasure of Flavor of Love a while back, but then recovered only to find out that I had a relapse and was watching everything from cooking reality shows, bad girls in a house, real world, just about anything……..   Why the fascination with watching others live life?  I may offend a few people, but I don’t really watch sports.  I prefer to be a participant as opposed to a spectator.  I also think the statistics people keep in their heads would take up valuable room I could save for songs and I don’t know…. memories:)?  Sooooooo with the same rationale, shouldn’t I go out and find love instead of waiting to see if Ray J. finds his?

I know why I did it though…..   Sometimes it’s nice to get that mental anesthetic — something to get the hamster in your head to jump off the wheel, or at least slow his roll.  — But you know what?  Let him run, he’s gonna need to be in shape for the journey ahead.

It’s a new day… I took the cable box out of my room.   This year I am gonna listen to more music, reluctantly do more social media business, and write more songs.  If you see me and want to discuss the Jersey Shore, I am sorry to say I won’t be able to contribute.