Funny how a competition can get you more nervous than a performance.

I never wanted to compete in the world of music, I mean, what two artists have more in common than an apple and an orange anyway?  — and look at the uproar that comparison has caused. 🙂  BUT, what can I say, opportunity has come in the form of competition for me  — from “New Artist of the Year” to Soul Beach 2010 opening for Mary J Blige (2 highlights in my career to be certain).

This ride has been much different though.   As I duke it out to get the funds needed to record the next album… another opportunity has arisen.   While in the process of getting down and dirty in the trenches, low and behold………. CONNECTIONS……..  No, no not the type that get you in the office with (Insert famous and/or rich individual)…  instead, old fashioned CONNECTTING with PEOPLE! I have had an amazing year, and met so many along the way, that have touched my life, helped me, taught me, and inspired me.  Our fast food lifestyle doesn’t cater to savoring relationships — but here and now I have the opportunity to reopen the veins and pump a much needed life blood back into personal relationships.

And then there are the NEW relationships!   What a blessing to meet new people daily that have been made aware, and are interested in what you do.  -Their new energy recharges me like the sun to a solar cell. In fact, I feel an obligation to, at the very least, match their energy NO EASY FEAT TO SAY THE LEAST (you guys know who you are…. and I love ya for it!).

Truth be told, I want the next project to be louder – not just in volume, but in message, I want the colors to be richer and permanent, and I want the sounds to be wider with an ability to touch more people…. Basically trying to take this from Great Adventure to Jurassic Park— Ya dig?!  — BUT that takes money.   SO I   push on with barely enough time in the days to write this blog, feverishly refreshing the page wondering if my last effort, or that of the amazing people supporting me, has taken root.

I read a blog called “Leadership Lessons from The Dancing Alone Guy”…. It detailed a movement…. It’s a good read, but the basics are…. a leader starts something and has the guts to stand alone and take a chance, in this case a solitary dancing man potentially looking ridiculous….. BUT the most crucial roles are the ones played by those who join in.  They transform the event into a movement.  While I don’t claim to be a leader of any sort, I thank you all for not leaving me out here looking like a lone nut doing a 2 step!! 🙂

As the Love Revolution Train pushes along, let me take a minute to give thanks to some of the Team that provides the Steam (Or the Coal that gets us to the Goal):

Special thanks to:  Melissa Capo & Elton Hazel of Whateva Works,  “Queen” Aileen, “General” Geneva, “Clockwork” Colleen, “Take 5” Tatyanna, Kevin Cross, Doom E. Wright, Joey “the wizard”,  Butta &, George Littlejohn & Purpose Records, Angela Johnson, DJ Dan.c.e. & Make It Happen Entertainment, My DGMM family, Lorenda & Brown Baby Girl, Collette “C-Letta”, Ann Marie & Soulafrodisiac, Sweetlocs, Eric Roberson, Marko Nobles, Subliminal, Maya Azucena, Onutts, Carl & Grown Folks Music, Ilana & the Vocal Workout, Blackplanet, Tom Paul.

I know I am forgetting to mention some of you, but believe me I am working on my connections and I appreciate you.  In the meantime enjoy some artwork from my boy Kevin Cross.