What’s good people?  I hope you are enjoying the summer!  We have been doing our best to balance out work and play, so I thought I would drop a summer update!

First and foremost. I would like to sincerely thank everyone that helped us in our Honda Civic “Vehicle for Change” Campaign for Cancer.  It was really a huge undertaking and it was very refreshing to see people not only support but get involved and ask us how they could be a “vehicle for change.”    It is unfortunate that we could not bring home the win, BUT we have now laid a foundation with many organizations so the “Love Revolution” can continue to move forward.  Case in point….. on August 20th in Atlanta, we are doing our first BENEFIT CONCERT FOR HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA.  I know several people that have this disease and it really is wonderful to be performing for such a great cause.

What Else?

If you listen to Urban Radio, you may have heard our radio ad.  Yes!!! We made our way onto commercial radio!!  OK, ok, admittedly, it isn’t a full song, BUT it is me talking to you over a music bed of my song, “Love Revolution.” 🙂  Breaking into commercial radio is not easy so we are moving one step at a time….. but THIS is a BIG STEP.  🙂  Big shout out to Budweiser who has continued to offer us opportunities even after the contest’s conclusion.

Speaking of opportunities….  I would like to urge all my talented friends to enter the 2011 Budweiser Opening Acts Competition.  Often times what is stopping us from releasing our art is not the talent, but the lack of funding.  This is a chance to get some great exposure and possibly finance your next project… (or pay off your last one) 🙂

One of my favorite websites –SoulBounce- did a write up on the competition.  Click the link for details as well as a video (you might even recognize a face or two).


Hmmmm……  What Else

Connecticut has been showing us A LOT of love.  “Composure” was added to 94.3 WYBC-FM New Haven, 89.3 WQTQ-FM Hartford And we recently did an acoustic set and interview for “Our Lives with Gwen Edwards” on News12 TV in  Norwalk.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tekT3VhgreE&w=425&h=349]

Speaking of “Composure,” we will soon have some visuals!  We shot our FIRST MUSIC VIDEO.  It is in the cutting room right now, and I am excited.  (BTW: The shot at the top is a still from the video)

…… On the ongoing tip.  The new album is shaping up quite nicely…. still in the development stages but I like what I hear…. and I hope you will too.

Oh….. Wait!!

How could I forget!!!   We will be doing the 2011 Capital Jazz Cruise in October.  This is such a blessing!!!  I will be amongst a star-studded line up!!  I am just as excited to be an attendant as I am to be a performer.  🙂  I hope to see you there.

OK I am off to enjoy more of the summer….  Winter was ROUGH!!!    🙂

Stay Blessed