“The artist pays the price.”

The artist…..  pays the price…..

I stared at this phrase until I had to have answer.   I mean…. I’m an artist, what exactly am I paying for now?

My thought process is shaped from conversations I have with others, and one cat I build with on a regular, is my boy Civilian (I am not sure if I can give up his secret identity yet).   When I read his IM status, let’s just say my curiousity was piqued.

He told me it was a line from a Marvin Gaye song entitled “Life Is For Learning” on the “In Our Lifetime?” album.  At this time….. in the public square….. I am going to admit this…..  I am not really up on Marvin’s catalog(bows head in shame).    I know “What’s Going On,”  “Let’s Get It On,”  “Mercy Mercy Me,” and a handful of others….. but “Life Is For Learning” (cheeky grin), so I will study up.

The lyrics of this song are DEEP.  Imagine this, “the artist pays the price so you don’t have to” – like someone stepping into a burning building to let you know how hot it can get, and then describing being burned in painful detail – FOR YOU – so you don’t necessarily have to go there, but can have the experience:  an actor so immersed in a role,  they can’t tell where the character begins and they end.

That’s enough to make anyone crazy ain’t it?   In Part 2 I will discuss art and the toll it takes on sanity :), but for now listen to a genius.