What more can I say……

This year has been a roller coaster ride for me, with some astronomical highs, a few really low lows and little “coasting” to be honest…… BUT I had great company along for the ride.  You were there – throwing your hands up for the thrills and offering comfort around the bends.

I know there are a million+ things you could be doing with your time, so I appreciate the investment you make in what I do.

It’s funny, I have been “working” on music for a while, but it’s really only now that I feel like I am embarking on a “career” in it.  When I landed in Japan (a dream in itself) and they asked me the purpose of my visit, being able to respond “work” and “singer”  was one of the most liberating moments of my life.  I actually had to keep my excitement in check — less border patrol think I was about some nefarious business.  🙂

We are all just trying to figure out this life and navigate through it.  Even in the light of some relative success, one can easily become discouraged and fearful of being off course.  When I have stumbled upon these thoughts……. without fail……. I have received an affirmation from one you that I am on the right track.  Know that you are a blessing to me.

In the new year I want to encourage YOU to fight YOUR fears.  There are no guarantees, other than if you don’t try you will not succeed, but if you do, you will be rewarded with GROWTH.  Pretty good odds if you ask me!!

You are the steam that powers the dream.

Here’s to the New Year & New Beginnings!

Much Love